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Hi everyone. It’s me. Sorry I’ve been ignoring you all this time. Turns out, we at WeDIG are having to do a little prioritizing, as we have our heads crammed to bursting with possibilities and just haven’t gotten to sorting them out into something you can button-mash to. We’re not gone though. We haven’t forgotten about how much the both of you mean to us so I decided to do something nice for you for Valentine’s Day to make up for all the things you’re not playing yet cause we didn’t make them. I made you a drawing. Pretend it’s interactive. GO!

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Hi everybody! Everybody, hi. This blog felt lonely and I wanted to give another post a chance to earn some spam comments, so humor me a while, won’t you?

Gabe and I are pressing on with project codename “Sentient Appendage.” I just made up that codename cause I figured our project could use one. Core protagonist animations are in the can and I’m fleshing out the first of a handful of sets that will comprise the first level.

On the PathoGen front, we’re really just waiting on some boss music to finish itself and then we’ll be good to go.

Nothin’ much else to say ‘cept Portal 2 is all sorts of awesome and everyone should go tile their kitchens with copies of it.

Now check out this epic work-in-progress first look at project “Trashwall!” (I change the codename on a minute-by-minute basis)

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Hi guys! Here’s a little recap of this week’s events:

My droog of ancient times when writing was all done with sharpened stone and cow hide, Ben Saller, has linked to WeDIG from his blog. Thought it right to give a shout out to his space over at Video Games and Booze. Never was there such a perfect pairing.

I also got a thank you video from the multi-talented John Allen Soares of Westhavenbrook Productions who have brought you such thrill-packed gifts to mankind as Sockbaby, Go Sukashi!, The Vacuum Consortium and my current favorite The Danger Element. Donations to keep Westhavenbrook doing what they do can be made here and there are all manner of rewards for doing so, including your very own thank you video from the mighty John Soares himself.

On the Path-o-Gen front, I’m sadly a little behind as my PC power supply decided to kill itself rather than be subjected to my outrageous power demands. This is the last thing I did: Bacteriophage cycle 2a I’ll be picking up on the trusty MacBook Pro where I left off on the PC for the time being. This boss animation stuff is proving to be rather time consuming, so just hang in there mates! Once we get Path-o-Gen version 1.1 or 2 or however those version conventions work these days, it’s going to be posted to newgrounds.com and kongregate.com and we’ll be asking for the support of the masses to visit Path-o-Gen in those areas. There’s also a splendid surprise in store for what our next project will be, but more on that when I feel like telling you.

Now then. It’s almost 8:40 AM on Saturday morning exactly one week ago. I’m about to set to work on continuing the animation for Bacteriophage when my good pal Krista issues a drawing challenge: A Big Daddy making out with Gordon Freeman. What is it with girls, anyway? I decided to take it one step further and make it “Big Daddy and Gordon Freeman Making Out as LEGOS.”

Please someone make Half-Life LEGO sets happen. Thanks for reading, y’all!

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