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Why, hello world! I know it’s been an awfully long time, but you expect that sort of thing from us now, don’t you? It’s true, we have all manner of adult responsibilities nagging at us, but that won’t stop the sweet desire to craft some astronomically fun times. Speaking of astronomically fun times, we made a dang game, y’all! No, it’s not the big ol’ project about whatsisface that gets all buried and has to do lots of digging and stuff. Oh no this is the thing we made because we got burned out from working on that other thing. It’s called Space Junk!


Space Junk is a simple color matching puzzle game, except with some added bits that make it less simple. Here’s the setup: The world is so full of litter and pollution, spilling into cities and with nowhere to go, that the only solution to keep the planet clean is to launch all the garbage into space in big ol’ color coded containment units. Once they’re in space, they’ve got to be disintegrated of course, and science decrees that matching three of the same containment unit ignites a thing that fuses with another thing and then magic! Disintegration! Trouble is, the world needs a brave volunteer to fly around space, endlessly collecting all this garbage and arranging it in matches. That brave soul is YOU, naturally.


To play, you navigate your ship around and as you come into contact with waywardly floating junk, you collect it and can fire it at a neat little bank in the lower left of the play field where you’ll make all your matches. Clear the bank of junk, and you beat the level and move on to the next. As the levels progress, the amount of junk increases. If time runs out, it’s game over.

Now you might find yourself asking, “Well that’s all fine and well, guys, but where do I actually play the darn thing?” Head on down to http://wediditgames.itch.io/space-junk, and you can play the game absolutely free. That’s right, FREE! The download link will kindly ask you for a donation if you’re so inclined, but a few pennies shouldn’t be the thing to come between you and the enjoyment we want to give you. But hey, if you’re feeling particularly giving, don’t let me stop you!

Thanks for playing, loyal supporters. And good luck out there!

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Greetings, digital travelers! Tis I, the guy you haven’t heard from in a while. While it’s true I’ve taken to favoring getting my art on for Chris Cannon as opposed to expressing myself with words, I just couldn’t keep away from you forever. You’re just so irresistible. But also I wanted to inform you of a little interview conducted by our pals over at Skyo. Just have yourself a merry little click right HERE!

Alright, chums. Back to making magic.

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Hello friends. We Did It Games is proud to officially announce our next game: Chris Cannon is Buried Alive! (Or just Buried Alive, if you’re into the whole brevity thing.)

First things first, why don’t you go ahead and get all hot and bothered while you check out the game’s first trailer. Now this is going to be a bit of a joint blog post here, so we will let you know who is speaking when.

Hi guys. As I mentioned in my post last month, we have been working on Buried Alive fairly heavily for a few months now, so we have quite a bit finished already. We are going to be posting fairly regular blog posts to keep you up to date on everything, and to show you what the game has going on.

All of that being said, we still have a great deal of work ahead of us, so at this point, we cannot even estimate a release date. This is a much bigger project than our previous two outings, and the best we can say is that it will be done when it’s done. We’re not going to rush it and release a game that isn’t perfect, so it will definitely take some time. We just hope that once it is finished, you will agree with us that it was worth the wait. (For anyone interested in tech specs, I will do another post in the near future just kind of outlining all of that good stuff.)

Also: mad props to Wayne for putting together a most excellent announcement trailer!

Whoa! We did it! We made it to announcement day! Thanks, Gabe for kicking this party off right, and thanks loyal listeners for your ears full of hearing and hearts full of blood. Blood sure is useful. But this isn’t radio. It’s a blog! Well you still need blood for reading so, man I don’t know where this is going at all. It’s 2am and I don’t feel like sleeping. Let’s try this again.

Whoa man look at that fancy promotional art! That there is Chris Cannon. He’s found himself in quite the dilemma. For some cruel and super-secret reason he’s buried deep underground with just a shovel and an odd choice of garments to aid him. One of those things is useful for concealing nudity most of the time. The other is useful for finding a way out of this mess. Will Chris find a way out? Will he discover the truth about his subterranean imprisonment? Will he survive the odd, dangerous and sometimes just plain silly horrors that lurk far below where good sensible folk like you and I dare tread? I suppose we’ll find out when Chris Cannon is Buried Alive! releases someday!

Stay tuned here and on all of the social media usual suspects for more info!

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Friends, colleagues, distinguished members of the press: to you we say, “Hello!” There has been some speculation afoot as of late, and we are here today to put an end to it. For the last few weeks, we have been sciencing rather diligently to make sure there could be no doubt, and we think our results more or less speak for themselves. The following observations have been confirmed in the laboratory:

  • Wayne and I both respond to external stimuli; flashlight in the pupils, little rubber hammer to the knee, and all that good stuff.
  • Our hearts beat at regular intervals, supplying a steady flow of blood to all of our vital organs and tissues.
  • We require food and water everyday, which our bodies metabolize and use as energy to remain functional (it’s really cool).
  • When given a series of simple logic questions, we aced them with flying colors (the surgeon is the kid’s mother, duh!).

So it is with great pride that we are here today to announce the following:
Our best scientists all agree that yes, we are in fact still alive!

Okay, seriously though: there is no doubt that 2013 was kind of an “off-year” for WeDIG. We discussed a lot of ideas and worked up a couple small prototypes, but for the most part, Wayne and I became occupied with our own projects that were not directly related to game development, and WeDIG kind of took a back seat for a while.

The good news, however, is that said other projects are out of the way, and for the last couple months we have been working very hard on our new project. It is coming along handsomely, and while there is still a hell of a lot of work ahead of us, we felt it was time to resuscitate this website of ours with some good news.

We still need just a little bit more time before we are ready to reveal anything specific about the project, but it will be coming very soon! After that point, we will be posting fairly regular updates to keep everyone informed about the game’s progress. In the meantime, just continue telling all of your friends how great we are (we all know you have been doing it all this time anyway). Talk to you soon!

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Hi everyone. It’s me. Sorry I’ve been ignoring you all this time. Turns out, we at WeDIG are having to do a little prioritizing, as we have our heads crammed to bursting with possibilities and just haven’t gotten to sorting them out into something you can button-mash to. We’re not gone though. We haven’t forgotten about how much the both of you mean to us so I decided to do something nice for you for Valentine’s Day to make up for all the things you’re not playing yet cause we didn’t make them. I made you a drawing. Pretend it’s interactive. GO!

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Season’s Greetings, all ye who dare enter here!  It’s been a little over a month since Ratfist: Milt’s Missing! released, and that means the contest is over and we have a winner! Our skillful king of chumping is the one and only Eric C.!  Eric scored an impressive, borderline obsessive 3711 points. This score is higher than our own programming wizard, Gabe had achieved (once proud for having the high score in everything we do but now shamed permanently). But Eric wouldn’t simply be content with owning the high scoring crown, no sir. He had to be a part of Ratfist: Milt’s Missing! development history! For you see, kind readers, he was instrumental in uncovering and thus aiding us in the vanquishing of one of the most elusive and head scratching bugs found within the game. It is because of this man that our game is better.  Eric C., we salute you.  Eric has won an original Ratfist page signed by Doug TenNapel and as a bonus courtesy of the Doug-man himself, a copy of the Ratfist graphic novel as well as the love and adoration of all who look upon him in awe and wonder.

For the top nine others that submitted a high score during the contest, your contribution and love has not gone unnoticed. There is a special place for all of you now in the Ratfist: Milt’s Missing leaderboards! We’re using the first letter of your last names so the evil lurking about the shadowed underbelly of the web doesn’t try to put a hex on you for liking fun. If hexes are your thing, please drop us a line and let us know you’d rather have us proudly flaunt your full name and your flaunty wishes shall be fulfilled. To check out the boards, click here.

Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned for news on our next big thing!

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We Did It Games’ very first game project , Path-O-Gen, is now as complete as it’s ever going to get in Flash form and spreading infections of entertainment at Kongregate.com, as well as right here at the WeDIG site. As the bringer of all that is good upon you, we humbly request you sign up at Kongregate.com and give us some grades and feedback. Does Path-O-Gen satisfy your desire to be the best happiness plague you can be? If Path-O-Gen were made into an expanded project somewhere in the future or on another platform, what would you want more of?

Here’s what you can expect since the beta was released however long ago: New medals, revamped and new sound effects by the splendid Ken McGill, a new leveling system, and with that a damn fine boss fight by the time you get to level 10, complete with a new music track by the damn fine Jesse Barabe. A huge thanks to both Ken and Jesse for their awesome contributions to Path-O-Gen. I’d also like to add an extra special thanks to whoever “Jodi Rules” on the leaderboards is for filling it up s’damn much. Your persistence is inspiring and encouraging and I hope to see a return of that zest with this new release.

In commemoration of this momentous occasion, please enjoy this collection of horribly photographed sketches I did way back when Path-O-Gen was little more than an idea. Of curious note is those sketches are dated May 26, 2010. Nearly one year later we’re now closing the lid on the project in favor of more awesome things to come. Thanks and enjoy!

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Hi guys! Here’s a little recap of this week’s events:

My droog of ancient times when writing was all done with sharpened stone and cow hide, Ben Saller, has linked to WeDIG from his blog. Thought it right to give a shout out to his space over at Video Games and Booze. Never was there such a perfect pairing.

I also got a thank you video from the multi-talented John Allen Soares of Westhavenbrook Productions who have brought you such thrill-packed gifts to mankind as Sockbaby, Go Sukashi!, The Vacuum Consortium and my current favorite The Danger Element. Donations to keep Westhavenbrook doing what they do can be made here and there are all manner of rewards for doing so, including your very own thank you video from the mighty John Soares himself.

On the Path-o-Gen front, I’m sadly a little behind as my PC power supply decided to kill itself rather than be subjected to my outrageous power demands. This is the last thing I did: Bacteriophage cycle 2a I’ll be picking up on the trusty MacBook Pro where I left off on the PC for the time being. This boss animation stuff is proving to be rather time consuming, so just hang in there mates! Once we get Path-o-Gen version 1.1 or 2 or however those version conventions work these days, it’s going to be posted to newgrounds.com and kongregate.com and we’ll be asking for the support of the masses to visit Path-o-Gen in those areas. There’s also a splendid surprise in store for what our next project will be, but more on that when I feel like telling you.

Now then. It’s almost 8:40 AM on Saturday morning exactly one week ago. I’m about to set to work on continuing the animation for Bacteriophage when my good pal Krista issues a drawing challenge: A Big Daddy making out with Gordon Freeman. What is it with girls, anyway? I decided to take it one step further and make it “Big Daddy and Gordon Freeman Making Out as LEGOS.”

Please someone make Half-Life LEGO sets happen. Thanks for reading, y’all!

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Greetings, all ye who have wandered into the chilling, electronic abyss that is the WeDIG Blog. Welcome to Day 1.

First, the most important part of today. Head on over to the Games dungeon and check out our very first foray into digital pacification, Path-o-Gen. This is a project that started with a rad pal of mine who has since gone on to being a stalker of shadows, unseen and in constant avoidance of all things social and internet. Thanks to her for getting me started on this crazy adventure, and an additional thanks wherever she may be for the wee beginnings of Path-o-Gen that I couldn’t not flesh out to something medium-rare and tasty. But enough with the past.

In the coming whenevers I or my co-pilot Gabe here (Gabe being the immortal demigod that took programming/awesoming reigns since the reigns were needing taking) may touch upon the rest of the soon-to-be contributions to binary composed madness that get thrown about this place like buzz saws from a grav gun, but until then know that we’re mostly human, we love games and we’re passionate as all cold hell about making awesome things for everyone to enjoy (unless those someones don’t like cute and sometimes very offensive things). We’ve got several ideas in the works, I’m keeping a secret log of all the next bits to fling your way and you’ll likely see the next thing hit the Apple App Store I’m guessing sometime before the end of the year, but hey if we get more mice in wheels we could have something late Summerish.  I suppose it all depends on how much snacks I’ve procured for those crazy locked-in-house stints of genius that I hear about so often from gabby squirrels in passing.

We Did It Games Gabby Squirrel

Thank you all for visiting, feel free to drop a comment and it’s ok to be rude s’long as it’s not directed personally at me (Though we do reserve the right to edit your comments into something flowery and nicer when desired). Have fun and give us a crapton of feedback, damnit! Special awesome thanks to Gabe for his continued dedication to ass kicking and Jesse Barabe for his melodious alchemy.

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