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I know what you’re thinking. Well first it’s something like, “Damn, I just ate this leftover cupcake from two nights ago and I want like five more now.” Next it’s most likely noticing the urge to expel urine into a porcelain bowl but not having the energy to move from the computer just yet. After those thoughts pass you’ve undoubtedly arrived at, “HEY! Didn’t these jackasses have a game coming out in August?” To which I reply, “Did I say August? Well what I meant was-” and then I run for the nearest exit.

Minutes pass and I realize I should give you a real, honest explanation. I come back into the room, sit you down with a bag of Twizzlers and an icy cold Guinness and prepare with a deep breath to reveal unto you the horrors that brought us to delaying the release of our latest little Flash experiment, but not before I point out this rad song Kim Boekbinder – The Impossible Girl wrote using our site and tendency for epic fiction as inspiration. It’s right over here around the 30 minute mark: The Impossible Girl at MakerBot Industries You can also download the song and share it with the world here (right click to save): My Life is Epic

Now that you’re good and hypnotized, prepare for a tale unlike any you’ve ever been forced to endure! So, turns out Gabe, Tyler, Ken and I were chosen by an interdimensional race of gaseous superbeings to immigrate their entire colony over to the States in little jars and then set them free into the atmosphere where they may spy on unclothed attractive people without ever being seen. (Gases by their nature can’t be attractive, so no one ever looks arousing where this species originated). In return we would be given an endless supply of sulfurous smell of which we could do whatever we want. Seeing as how the offer was so irresistible, we immediately began carting over these odd little gas dudes and the whole thing took a little over a month to finish, which has effectively pushed back our game development time. Judging by the pursed grin on your face, I can see that you’re either satisfied with my tale or thinking back on Kim’s song, wishing you were the only man on Earth with your pick of the women you spared after slaying zombies and the like. Either way, I shall not interrupt your peacefulness.

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