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Hi everybody! Everybody, hi. This blog felt lonely and I wanted to give another post a chance to earn some spam comments, so humor me a while, won’t you?

Gabe and I are pressing on with project codename “Sentient Appendage.” I just made up that codename cause I figured our project could use one. Core protagonist animations are in the can and I’m fleshing out the first of a handful of sets that will comprise the first level.

On the PathoGen front, we’re really just waiting on some boss music to finish itself and then we’ll be good to go.

Nothin’ much else to say ‘cept Portal 2 is all sorts of awesome and everyone should go tile their kitchens with copies of it.

Now check out this epic work-in-progress first look at project “Trashwall!” (I change the codename on a minute-by-minute basis)

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