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We Did It Games’ very first game project , Path-O-Gen, is now as complete as it’s ever going to get in Flash form and spreading infections of entertainment at Kongregate.com, as well as right here at the WeDIG site. As the bringer of all that is good upon you, we humbly request you sign up at Kongregate.com and give us some grades and feedback. Does Path-O-Gen satisfy your desire to be the best happiness plague you can be? If Path-O-Gen were made into an expanded project somewhere in the future or on another platform, what would you want more of?

Here’s what you can expect since the beta was released however long ago: New medals, revamped and new sound effects by the splendid Ken McGill, a new leveling system, and with that a damn fine boss fight by the time you get to level 10, complete with a new music track by the damn fine Jesse Barabe. A huge thanks to both Ken and Jesse for their awesome contributions to Path-O-Gen. I’d also like to add an extra special thanks to whoever “Jodi Rules” on the leaderboards is for filling it up s’damn much. Your persistence is inspiring and encouraging and I hope to see a return of that zest with this new release.

In commemoration of this momentous occasion, please enjoy this collection of horribly photographed sketches I did way back when Path-O-Gen was little more than an idea. Of curious note is those sketches are dated May 26, 2010. Nearly one year later we’re now closing the lid on the project in favor of more awesome things to come. Thanks and enjoy!

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