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posted by on July 9th, 2011   |   1 comments

Greetings, ye fiends. I find myself unable to sleep at this reasonable time to be awake anyway and thought I’d give all you spammers an update. Development on project “Ebony Rain” is progressing ever so progressively. If you’re good I might show you another teaser image. If you’re naughty I’ll show you more. The plan for those following along is for us to have this little taste of gaming pleasure completed and released unto the world sometime in August or shortly thereafter (we hope), which at this point sounds alarming now that I consider it. We’ll get it done somehow. Maybe. Ah, the joys of game development.

In other news, I sang a little Flanders and Swann song some time ago. Isn’t that swell?

In ‘nother news, please give a crunchy WeDIG welcome to Tyler Harris, our shiny new animation slave. He’ll be assisting me on animation for project “Dangling Hook.”

Now here! Don’t say I never gave you nothin’.

P.S. If anyone has any super-awesome secret ninja moves for silencing a terribly stabby tooth stuffed with composite, do share.

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This is cool!

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