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Season’s Greetings, all ye who dare enter here!  It’s been a little over a month since Ratfist: Milt’s Missing! released, and that means the contest is over and we have a winner! Our skillful king of chumping is the one and only Eric C.!  Eric scored an impressive, borderline obsessive 3711 points. This score is higher than our own programming wizard, Gabe had achieved (once proud for having the high score in everything we do but now shamed permanently). But Eric wouldn’t simply be content with owning the high scoring crown, no sir. He had to be a part of Ratfist: Milt’s Missing! development history! For you see, kind readers, he was instrumental in uncovering and thus aiding us in the vanquishing of one of the most elusive and head scratching bugs found within the game. It is because of this man that our game is better.  Eric C., we salute you.  Eric has won an original Ratfist page signed by Doug TenNapel and as a bonus courtesy of the Doug-man himself, a copy of the Ratfist graphic novel as well as the love and adoration of all who look upon him in awe and wonder.

For the top nine others that submitted a high score during the contest, your contribution and love has not gone unnoticed. There is a special place for all of you now in the Ratfist: Milt’s Missing leaderboards! We’re using the first letter of your last names so the evil lurking about the shadowed underbelly of the web doesn’t try to put a hex on you for liking fun. If hexes are your thing, please drop us a line and let us know you’d rather have us proudly flaunt your full name and your flaunty wishes shall be fulfilled. To check out the boards, click here.

Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned for news on our next big thing!

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