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Friends, colleagues, distinguished members of the press: to you we say, “Hello!” There has been some speculation afoot as of late, and we are here today to put an end to it. For the last few weeks, we have been sciencing rather diligently to make sure there could be no doubt, and we think our results more or less speak for themselves. The following observations have been confirmed in the laboratory:

  • Wayne and I both respond to external stimuli; flashlight in the pupils, little rubber hammer to the knee, and all that good stuff.
  • Our hearts beat at regular intervals, supplying a steady flow of blood to all of our vital organs and tissues.
  • We require food and water everyday, which our bodies metabolize and use as energy to remain functional (it’s really cool).
  • When given a series of simple logic questions, we aced them with flying colors (the surgeon is the kid’s mother, duh!).

So it is with great pride that we are here today to announce the following:
Our best scientists all agree that yes, we are in fact still alive!

Okay, seriously though: there is no doubt that 2013 was kind of an “off-year” for WeDIG. We discussed a lot of ideas and worked up a couple small prototypes, but for the most part, Wayne and I became occupied with our own projects that were not directly related to game development, and WeDIG kind of took a back seat for a while.

The good news, however, is that said other projects are out of the way, and for the last couple months we have been working very hard on our new project. It is coming along handsomely, and while there is still a hell of a lot of work ahead of us, we felt it was time to resuscitate this website of ours with some good news.

We still need just a little bit more time before we are ready to reveal anything specific about the project, but it will be coming very soon! After that point, we will be posting fairly regular updates to keep everyone informed about the game’s progress. In the meantime, just continue telling all of your friends how great we are (we all know you have been doing it all this time anyway). Talk to you soon!

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I just made an explosion! WHOO!

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