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Hello friends. We Did It Games is proud to officially announce our next game: Chris Cannon is Buried Alive! (Or just Buried Alive, if you’re into the whole brevity thing.)

First things first, why don’t you go ahead and get all hot and bothered while you check out the game’s first trailer. Now this is going to be a bit of a joint blog post here, so we will let you know who is speaking when.

Hi guys. As I mentioned in my post last month, we have been working on Buried Alive fairly heavily for a few months now, so we have quite a bit finished already. We are going to be posting fairly regular blog posts to keep you up to date on everything, and to show you what the game has going on.

All of that being said, we still have a great deal of work ahead of us, so at this point, we cannot even estimate a release date. This is a much bigger project than our previous two outings, and the best we can say is that it will be done when it’s done. We’re not going to rush it and release a game that isn’t perfect, so it will definitely take some time. We just hope that once it is finished, you will agree with us that it was worth the wait. (For anyone interested in tech specs, I will do another post in the near future just kind of outlining all of that good stuff.)

Also: mad props to Wayne for putting together a most excellent announcement trailer!

Whoa! We did it! We made it to announcement day! Thanks, Gabe for kicking this party off right, and thanks loyal listeners for your ears full of hearing and hearts full of blood. Blood sure is useful. But this isn’t radio. It’s a blog! Well you still need blood for reading so, man I don’t know where this is going at all. It’s 2am and I don’t feel like sleeping. Let’s try this again.

Whoa man look at that fancy promotional art! That there is Chris Cannon. He’s found himself in quite the dilemma. For some cruel and super-secret reason he’s buried deep underground with just a shovel and an odd choice of garments to aid him. One of those things is useful for concealing nudity most of the time. The other is useful for finding a way out of this mess. Will Chris find a way out? Will he discover the truth about his subterranean imprisonment? Will he survive the odd, dangerous and sometimes just plain silly horrors that lurk far below where good sensible folk like you and I dare tread? I suppose we’ll find out when Chris Cannon is Buried Alive! releases someday!

Stay tuned here and on all of the social media usual suspects for more info!

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