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Hello world! It is, of course, “Screenshot Saturday” in the game development world, so it seems like a fitting time to drop an update all up in this. We posted on the SSS thread on Reddit, which you can read here (because I know you’re dying to see it).

It has been a busy month (holy crap, how times flies) since we posted our first trailer. We decided we would submit the game to IndieCade, although since we didn’t have time to get it ready for the first deadline, we are being “those guys” and paying the late submission fee.

So there’s that; we have been scrambling to finish up the few things needed to get the game into a presentable state. That includes getting audio into the game. Um… All of the audio. It literally didn’t have any audio at all this time last month, so we have been recording dialogue, designing sounds, talking to composers, and writing sound/music management code. So kids, heed this advice: add sound effects to your game as you go. Doing it all at once is a huge pain. (To be fair, though, we are putting some extra effort into making sure the sounds are really good.)

The good news is that the game has almost all of the sound effects we need to make it fitting for the submission, and it has really improved the game quite a bit. We are still talking to composers, but I think we should have something sorted out pretty soon. Unfortunately, probably not in time for the IndieCade submission, so we will most likely have to rely on place-holder music for now.

We are hoping to put together an updated game-play video sometime soon to show some of the new goodies, so hopefully we will have something exciting for you very soon. Stay tuned!

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