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Greetings, all ye who have wandered into the chilling, electronic abyss that is the WeDIG Blog. Welcome to Day 1.

First, the most important part of today. Head on over to the Games dungeon and check out our very first foray into digital pacification, Path-o-Gen. This is a project that started with a rad pal of mine who has since gone on to being a stalker of shadows, unseen and in constant avoidance of all things social and internet. Thanks to her for getting me started on this crazy adventure, and an additional thanks wherever she may be for the wee beginnings of Path-o-Gen that I couldn’t not flesh out to something medium-rare and tasty. But enough with the past.

In the coming whenevers I or my co-pilot Gabe here (Gabe being the immortal demigod that took programming/awesoming reigns since the reigns were needing taking) may touch upon the rest of the soon-to-be contributions to binary composed madness that get thrown about this place like buzz saws from a grav gun, but until then know that we’re mostly human, we love games and we’re passionate as all cold hell about making awesome things for everyone to enjoy (unless those someones don’t like cute and sometimes very offensive things). We’ve got several ideas in the works, I’m keeping a secret log of all the next bits to fling your way and you’ll likely see the next thing hit the Apple App Store I’m guessing sometime before the end of the year, but hey if we get more mice in wheels we could have something late Summerish.  I suppose it all depends on how much snacks I’ve procured for those crazy locked-in-house stints of genius that I hear about so often from gabby squirrels in passing.

We Did It Games Gabby Squirrel

Thank you all for visiting, feel free to drop a comment and it’s ok to be rude s’long as it’s not directed personally at me (Though we do reserve the right to edit your comments into something flowery and nicer when desired). Have fun and give us a crapton of feedback, damnit! Special awesome thanks to Gabe for his continued dedication to ass kicking and Jesse Barabe for his melodious alchemy.

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