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Hello internets! Wayne here. While I’m in the middle of putting together this here Powerpoint, I thought I’d let you know I’m flying out to Austin over the weekend to take part in a panel discussion about indie game design at Captivate Conference. More info HERE! The panel will be on Sunday, 1:00pm at Highland Mall. From what I understand, there’s the opportunity to present visuals, so I’m preparing a special Powerpoint presentation just in case it’s needed. Here’s a sneak preview image:

I’ll also have fancy new business cards on hand. As always, there’s too many for one man, so take a pile! Wish me luck.

Oh, what? The game we’re working on? Oh yeah yeah, it’s fine. Gabe is leveling up in programming XP, and meanwhile I’m building up a stockpile of art assets to have ready for when he reaches the level cap. Isn’t that how everything works nowadays? Levels and XPs and such?

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