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Why, hello world! I know it’s been an awfully long time, but you expect that sort of thing from us now, don’t you? It’s true, we have all manner of adult responsibilities nagging at us, but that won’t stop the sweet desire to craft some astronomically fun times. Speaking of astronomically fun times, we made a dang game, y’all! No, it’s not the big ol’ project about whatsisface that gets all buried and has to do lots of digging and stuff. Oh no this is the thing we made because we got burned out from working on that other thing. It’s called Space Junk!


Space Junk is a simple color matching puzzle game, except with some added bits that make it less simple. Here’s the setup: The world is so full of litter and pollution, spilling into cities and with nowhere to go, that the only solution to keep the planet clean is to launch all the garbage into space in big ol’ color coded containment units. Once they’re in space, they’ve got to be disintegrated of course, and science decrees that matching three of the same containment unit ignites a thing that fuses with another thing and then magic! Disintegration! Trouble is, the world needs a brave volunteer to fly around space, endlessly collecting all this garbage and arranging it in matches. That brave soul is YOU, naturally.


To play, you navigate your ship around and as you come into contact with waywardly floating junk, you collect it and can fire it at a neat little bank in the lower left of the play field where you’ll make all your matches. Clear the bank of junk, and you beat the level and move on to the next. As the levels progress, the amount of junk increases. If time runs out, it’s game over.

Now you might find yourself asking, “Well that’s all fine and well, guys, but where do I actually play the darn thing?” Head on down to http://wediditgames.itch.io/space-junk, and you can play the game absolutely free. That’s right, FREE! The download link will kindly ask you for a donation if you’re so inclined, but a few pennies shouldn’t be the thing to come between you and the enjoyment we want to give you. But hey, if you’re feeling particularly giving, don’t let me stop you!

Thanks for playing, loyal supporters. And good luck out there!

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