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How many of you guys grew up with Duke Nukem? Surprisingly for me I know of only a few. I’ve been ever curious until recently about the spectre known as Duke Nukem Forever for, well, just about forever. It was only until news broke that the once thought vaporware would really, really, for real be released that I felt a certain void in my soul shriek giddily with anticipation of filling.

Many of you likely don’t see what the big deal is. There was little Duke did to innovate the FPS genre. What it did do is something I admire and seek to replicate and uphold with everything I help create here at WeDIG. It dared to be humorous via any way it wanted to be without a filter and sans shame. Duke is unapologetic.

Duke Nukem has attitude, babes, guns, aliens, mayhem and balls. The impending DN Forever is shaping up to amplify all of these things. Already via the interactive (draw what you dare on a whiteboard) environments, brash (testicle boxing) finishers and (gasp!) simulated urination, on top of the given heaps of gunplay, this title is looking to be everything a modern Duke game should be. What we’ve seen thus far is only the beginning, and I’d be content with just that. The prospect of more just gets me tingly all over.

Duke Nukem Forever makes me feel the same I did when the first bits on Mirror’s Edge hit the airwaves. I’m excited about the prospect of something refreshingly different. Even if the gameplay is firmly rooted in the FPS mechanics of yore, I’m confident the buckets of personality, style and charm, as well as the don’t-let-your-mom-see-this surprises in store are going to propel this game into a must-own category, if only for those Duke cultists like myself.

Lastly I feel I should cite as have others the historic relevance that this title has. With quite possibly the longest development cycle in game history, the release of this game bears a significance and weight unlike any other. Release day is going to feel like waiting at the finish line for a pal who had just completed a marathon. I want to douse everyone involved in development with bottled beverages, hand them a towel and pat them on the back.

For these reasons, I have committed for the first time ever to pre-ordering the special edition set. I rarely do this sort of thing, but a game like this deserves the recognition and even without the sweet swag (bust of Duke for the win!) I’d pay more than the cost of admission simply as a gesture to such a wild legacy. The moment I fire up Duke’s latest adventure and all throughout, I’ll likely be thinking of all the hardships in development the title went through to finally rest in my collection and I’ll thank everyone who made it possible.

Plus there’s a beer button! C’MON!

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2 Responses to “Duke Nukem Forever: Why I Lust For Thee”
Tom Collins says:

Looking forward to this game too.

I’m still deciding whether or not to buy the collector’s edition, as the Infamous 2 collector’s edition comes with an awesome bag; I probably can only afford one of the two.

The bust would look nice on my desk, though.

Wayne says:

Because I like buying things and not playing them (I have a growing list) I still haven’t touched the original Infamous even though it’s just an arm’s reach away. Red Dead Redemption as well. I think RDR is going to win though right after I get through Beyond Good & Evil HD, Super Meat Boy, Stacking, Metal Gear Solid 4, Alan Wake and whatever else is in partially completed status. That is until Duke arrives and I push everything back some more.

That bag does look rather fetching, and it is useful.

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