We Did It Games

Wayne Watrach and Gabe Hargrave of We Did It Games

We Did It Games is Wayne Watrach and Gabe Hargrave, an indie game duo dedicated to crafting fun, challenging and rewarding digital game experiences.

We take the time to polish the games we produce and make the kinds of experiences we enjoy playing: always fun, always fair, a drop of humor here, a decapitated head there. Above all, we're committed to having as much fun making games as we want the players to have experiencing them. Our products should and will be examples of how everything about the process of game design is just as enjoyable and rewarding as the end experience.

You can learn about our process by checking our blog or following us on Facebook and Twitter, where we'll often post updates on our amazing successes and unspeakable failures.

Wayne Watrach (a.k.a. "The Art")

Wayne started the We Did It Games dream way back when Path-o-Gen was just an idea. After a short go of things with a previous programmer pal (who inspired our name and is now immortalized in shiny golden logo form), Wayne recruited Gabe to take over the code-wizardry. Along with drafting up game concept art, creating level background designs and character animation, handling font and UI design and all manner of creative voodoo, it is actually required of Wayne to be constantly dissatisfied and make Gabe's job as difficult and stressful as possible. For science, of course.

Gabe Hargrave (a.k.a. "The Code")

Gabe joined up with Wayne shortly after production on Path-o-Gen began in order to take over the programming duties. He handles the technical side of things, and he totally has Wayne convinced that he knows what he's doing.