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Based in Portland OR and Chicago IL, USA

Founding date:
November 1, 2010


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Buried Alive
Ratfist Milts Missing




We Did It Games is Wayne Watrach and Gabe Hargrave, an indie game duo dedicated to crafting fun, challenging and rewarding digital game experiences.



Wayne and Gabe first teamed up to create Path-o-Gen, a vertically-scrolling shooter starring Gen, a germ who seeks to spread her happiness to other germs. The team built the game on the Flash platform for browser-based deployment on Mac and Windows. Along with the sound design help of Ken McGill and a soundtrack by Chip Hessner, the game was finished and launched on various Flash portals around the web on March 1, 2011. After receiving a great deal of feedback on the initial launch, they released the 1.1 update on May 21, 2011, adding a character leveling system, new medals, updated sound effects, and a new major boss battle (along with the obligatory new "boss fight" music).

Ratfist: Milt's Missing

Shortly after the team concluded development on Path-o-Gen, Wayne was contacted by legendary game designer and artist Den TenNapel, who asked the team to make a Flash game for his popular webcomic Ratfist. Excited to work on a game for a personal hero, the team got to work on Ratfist: Milt's Missing. With a musical contribution by game soundtrack icon Tommy Tallarico and once again featuring the sound design of Ken McGill, the game launched at various Flash portals around the web on October 23, 2011.

Buried Alive

After completion of Ratfist, the team went through a brief hiatus in order to work on personal projects not directly related to game development. Once these projects were completed, the team began putting together prototypes for a few different ideas and ultimately settled on their newest game (currently in development): Buried Alive. At present, there is no projected release date, but development on the game is well underway. More info on Buried Alive will be made available at a future date.



Buried Alive Game-Play Video, 05/24/14 YouTube

Buried Alive Announcement Trailer YouTube


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Our first two games on Kongregate at kongregate.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Wayne Watrach
Creative Director

Gabe Hargrave
Technical Director

Chip Hessner

Ken McGill
Sound Design

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